The Bethel Serving Revolution

January 24, 2021

Today Pastor Ben Kington shares a message to explain the serving revolution challenge.

1. What are we trying to avoid?

-Slow erosion.

-Where the past becomes the hero.

-A refutation to look like the community.

-Where the budget is all spent inwardly.

-Where the great commission becomes the great omission.

-The preference driven church.

-Where pastoral tenure decreases.

-Where the church rarely prays together.

-Where the church has no purpose.

-Where we obsess over the facilities.

-Where we embrace sidetracks.

2. What of these areas will the serving revolution address?

-It should stop slow erosion because worshippers will be putting down roots through engagement.

-We will be starting a new adventure to point to instead of relying on a victory 20 years ago.

-As we serve all types we will attract all types.

-As the Lord opens doors we will see souls saved.

-As we serve new challenges will arise that need finances and prayers.

-Our purpose will be undeniable as a result of serving our community.

3. What is the 7th going to look like?

-I’m committing today till May 8th to add 2 hours serving a week to my regular schedule.

-I’m going to specifically serve in this area. -I would like more direction in this area.

-I’m praying diligently for our church to connect with our community in such a way that the Gospel will flourish as a result of Gods people entering into serving opportunities with the community.

Will you join the challenge on February 7th?